Those first few days… what an amazing time in your life. Trying to process how you could possibly love someone so much whom you just met, yet somehow you do. In awe over those tiny beautiful features that unfortunately don’t stay tiny for too long. Enter me with my camera and vision, where I am always so happy to step in! I have the amazing job of loving your child for an afternoon while I capture all their sleepy splendor! Thank you for choosing me to care for your little one for a short time, but capture their cuteness to freeze for a lifetime!


Kendall loves her new family just as much as they love her.


Savannah’s slumber lovely in lace…


Sleepy Ethan, oh so precious…


Bryson and his family, in their environment, in comfortable bliss…


Jaxson, a sleepy, snuggly puckered lips little guy…


Riley and mom, both so sweet and beautiful!



Asher, a sleepy angel nestled in is slumber of crochet…







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