It’s 2020 and I’m Back!

So at the beginning of the year in 2019 I had 3 of the most amazing shoots that produced gorgeous images and happy clients but due to personal reasons I needed to take a hiatus to focus on my family’s health unexpectedly. So in the meantime I photographed my children as means of keeping up with what I love and well let’s face it they are cute models! I am happy to say things are looking up now and I look forward to coming back and offering my services once again. I intend to try some new things (always pushing creativity) play with the latest gear, shooting and editing styles, as well as offering new pricing so that I can try to accommodate all who want to create beautiful images with me! I look forward to 2020 for so many reasons but a big one being how much I can’t wait to work with all of you. Thanks as always for you love and support in my craft.

Sabrina 6

April and Oliver

I was fortunate enough to meet and work with April for professional headshots for her business about a year ago. April has a fantastic practice in downtown Fort Lauderdale as a very insightful Psychologist with an amazing ability to help guide people through hard times in their lives. She returned to me seeking some updated headshots as well as a “mommy and me” session with her adorably charming son, Oliver. I was thrilled when she contacted me because I loved working with her before and wanted to help grow her practice as I know it benefits many as well as capture the love this mother and son duo share. I am grateful I got to know them both a little better. Nothing makes me happier than the joy I saw in April’s face when I showed her the reveal image video today. I could see this mama loved what she saw and I was happy to provide that for her. I wish April much success in her business and a lifetime of happiness for her and her son. He will grow up to be just as successful and giving as his mother. Thank you April and Oliver for choosing me to share and capture your love.

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DIY Canvas Backdrop

My first time painting a canvas backdrop was completely experimental and turns out pretty fun since there was no need to be precise, my kind of painting! 🙂


*a quick raw snap of me from my ever so supportive hubby, no make-up, no problems 😉 


This post will help to explain the supplies you will need as well as the process to replicate the canvas seen photographed below.

This is perfect for startups like me… Starting a photography business isn’t easy and it isn’t cheap. It requires a lot of time, patience, constant learning, money, manual labor and well a whole lot of love to keep going. This is just one tiny beautiful piece to a big puzzle, hope you love it as much as I do.

This requires ZERO experience.

Supplies Needed:

  • 6×9 canvas backdrop
  • paint pan and liner for easy clean up
  • cheapest roller brush
  • roller stick (to save your back, you will thank me)
  • paint: (1 quart each of flat or matte toffee crunch, flagstone grey, and white)
  • water bottle, extra water
  • sponge cut up
  • plastic drop cloth to save your painting surface
  • fabric softener



The Process:

  • wash canvas with fabric softener
  • throughout each coat of paint spray canvas with water
  • with it still damp from washer begin to paint the following:
  • first roll the whole canvas with toffee paint mixed with a cup of water
  • next mix the rest of the toffee paint with white paint (1/2 and 1/2) and water
  • then roll it on only the center, not using a lot of paint on the edges so it blends
  • pour a little bit of gray in a separate tray to dip sponge in just on the surface
  • then lightly begin to dap the canvas on the outer edges first
  • smudge it here and there with the back dry side of the sponge
  • as the paint starts to wear off start to work your in towards the middle
  • repeat until all the way around
  • end with rolling whats left on the toffee/white roller you set aside on the whole canvas, should only be a damp roller at this point, used for a final blend


* in this iPhone photo it is still wet and looks lighter than it actually is and dries. 


Here is a professional portrait I photographed using this very DIY backdrop to show its awesome potential! A new professional backdrop may cost you around $200. Maybe initially you will spend $100 on supplies but you will have some of it to utilize again to keep creating more of your own. These backdrops may not be quite as beautiful as those professionally hand painted ones are but they come pretty close. They keep you on that very tight start up budget and they are hand made with love for your craft. I hope this inspires someone to get crafty and create one of your own. Thank you for following me on photography journey, it’s been a blast so far!

Studio Session-231-Edit-Edit

The picture you see vs. the real picture.

There is definitely a lot more to this business than most ever know, (including myself until I pursued this career.) I am still learning daily because as photographers we continue to improve our skills in one aspect or another. I want to ask you to please consider this diagram when it comes time for you to choose a photog. When they quote you their price it is all encompassing of what you see below and more, including wear and tear on our expensive equipment. You are paying for much more than pictures. You are paying for an artist who provides a one of a kind service so that you may enjoy your family masterpieces for generations over lifetimes to come. Thank you! 🙂


If only my eyes were cameras…

My son had trouble going to sleep tonight which is unusual and no matter what I did he didn’t want me to leave, so I climbed in his crib. I laid there staring at his smile of excitement because mommy was in his crib with him. Stroking his little hand as he stroked mine in return. Watching him look around his room in a darkened glow from his night light. All the while soaking it up and wishing that my eyes were cameras to freeze this moment forever. Sadly, I know that moments like these are wonderful yet fleeting and unfortunately our memories can not contain the detail we notice at the very moment something special is happening. I feel so lucky to realize moments like these when they are happening, as some (me included at times) completely miss them. Our lives are set up to take on too much that we are on constant auto-pilot missing our lives entirely. I have taken steps to try to live in the moment but I also try to capture with a camera what I can when I can without it removing me too much from living it. It is much harder to do with a camera, “if only my eyes were cameras.” Photography is so important to hang onto these memories so I hope you are all capturing all those little moments as well as living in them! And when you are ready to be in the frame of memory too, contact me, I’d love to freeze those memories for you! Dream big little one, good night.

This boudoir puts the fun in funny!

Boudoirs are so fun for me to shoot as it is but I can’t imagine trying to shoot one of these, too funny! What a fun wife! I’d like to think the hubby got at least one tantalizing photo to stare at but I do know he got a hilarious companion for life. Sometimes you just need to keep life “light”and in this case “poofy!” 😂

Your story…

Why telling me about you and your story are so important for trying to convey what you want to show or say in your photos. No two pictures are the same even when taken in the same setting photographing the same subject. There is a uniqueness to you and to what I see through the lens and together we can make your unique individual self true to form if we work together to tell your story.  Enjoy the link below: