April and Oliver

I was fortunate enough to meet and work with April for professional headshots for her business about a year ago. April has a fantastic practice in downtown Fort Lauderdale as a very insightful Psychologist with an amazing ability to help guide people through hard times in their lives. She returned to me seeking some updated headshots as well as a “mommy and me” session with her adorably charming son, Oliver. I was thrilled when she contacted me because I loved working with her before and wanted to help grow her practice as I know it benefits many as well as capture the love this mother and son duo share. I am grateful I got to know them both a little better. Nothing makes me happier than the joy I saw in April’s face when I showed her the reveal image video today. I could see this mama loved what she saw and I was happy to provide that for her. I wish April much success in her business and a lifetime of happiness for her and her son. He will grow up to be just as successful and giving as his mother. Thank you April and Oliver for choosing me to share and capture your love.

Studio Session-373-Edit-Edit-2Studio Session-344-Edit-2-Edit-2-EditStudio Session-377-Edit-Edit-Edit-4Studio Session-364-Edit-2-Edit-3Studio Session-361-Edit-Edit-2Studio Session-362-Edit-Edit-2Studio Session-382-Edit-Edit-2Studio Session-401-Edit-2-Edit-11Studio Session-410-Edit-Edit-2Studio Session-413-Edit-Edit-2Studio Session-423-Edit-Edit-2Studio Session-427-Edit-Edit-2Studio Session-433-Edit-Edit-3Studio Session-436-Edit-2-Edit-Edit-2Studio Session-441-Edit-Edit-2Studio Session-446-Edit-Edit-2Studio Session-467-Edit-Edit-2Studio Session-460-Edit-Edit-2

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