If only my eyes were cameras…

My son had trouble going to sleep tonight which is unusual and no matter what I did he didn’t want me to leave, so I climbed in his crib. I laid there staring at his smile of excitement because mommy was in his crib with him. Stroking his little hand as he stroked mine in return. Watching him look around his room in a darkened glow from his night light. All the while soaking it up and wishing that my eyes were cameras to freeze this moment forever. Sadly, I know that moments like these are wonderful yet fleeting and unfortunately our memories can not contain the detail we notice at the very moment something special is happening. I feel so lucky to realize moments like these when they are happening, as some (me included at times) completely miss them. Our lives are set up to take on too much that we are on constant auto-pilot missing our lives entirely. I have taken steps to try to live in the moment but I also try to capture with a camera what I can when I can without it removing me too much from living it. It is much harder to do with a camera, “if only my eyes were cameras.” Photography is so important to hang onto these memories so I hope you are all capturing all those little moments as well as living in them! And when you are ready to be in the frame of memory too, contact me, I’d love to freeze those memories for you! Dream big little one, good night.

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